3 thoughts on “satellites …

  1. I hope you don’t mind first impressions Dr D. I see Tulip porn with spider trails…not really a macro, too intermediate. I like the fractal patterns better in focus (link below). That said, there are some lovely shades of yellows and reds in the composition and how does one know the best presentation without experimenting?

    I am so happy to be alive in a time of digital photon capture and manipulation. To grab a shot and roll it 7 ways to Sunday in Photoshop or Lightroom and never the scent, expense, or hassle of fixer and developer. We shutterbugs don’t know how easy we have it compared to grampa and his old 35mm.


    • Frank, thanks for the input. In my misspent youth four decades ago, I shot macro with a 4×5 field camera. I averaged one sheet of film a day. Given my average of one good image per 100, I’d get about three or four good shots a year. With digital gear, I can average that in 20 minutes. (Don’t you miss the smell of Dektol in the morning?) Cheers …

  2. I almost wonder about a pairing here – this one framed between two of your match strike shots in a triptych. It would be odd and conceptual, but potentially compelling.

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