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somewhere in tucson #33.


somewhere in tucson #19.

island in the maelstrom.

A bottom of the Grand Canyon, somewhere down there.

Vote for Sam! Or don’t, but vote for somebody.

I always sort of hate it when people ping me and ask that I vote for them in contests they have entered. I usually do, but inside I’m thinking hey, what if I don’t think you’re the best? I love and support my friends, of course, but when it’s time for me to enter something, I’m self-conscious about saying “go vote for me.”

So, I’m entered in the annual Doors Open Denver Photo Contest. Most of it is juried, but there is also a people’s choice vote, and I’d like to invite you to vote for me – if you think I’m worthy. There are a lot of talented shooters entered, and if you hit the site and decide you like other people more, vote for them. I understand.

If you do like my shots, though, I’d be grateful for your support. I don’t expect to win anything, but it’s always nice to get a little love, anyway.

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tree. with canyon.

6 million years in 1/320th of a second.

The shot of the Grand Canyon took 1/320th of a second. It took from 6 to 70 million years to carve this hole in the ground. It appears most of it was cut about 6 million ago. But that’s just age. The thing is that after five visits (3 specifically to shoot it), I’ve learned that just shooting a hole in the ground gives you pictures of a … hole. You really need to look for the effects of light, the changing weather, perspectives of close v. near, and so on. In a sense, the Canyon becomes a backdrop for these other things.

only a feeder stream.

The Little Colorado River gorge: one of the two primary tributaries of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. 

just another case of littering.

The Petrified Forest National Park in northern Arizona mashes up two areas about midway along the road through it: a petrified forest (natch), and multicolored grounds called the painted desert. It looks like a race of giants tossed these petrified trees out the car window as they drove by about 225 million years ago and the ground, in a number of stratified colors (white and blue mostly at this point) became littered with it all (2015).

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