High on Photography…


sunrise …


… #HopeTuesday

tired …


… in a corner lot in Sheridan, Wyoming.

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Wild Blue Yonder

T6-G Trainer, Erie Air Fair, Erie CO

T6-G Trainer, Erie Air Fair, Erie CO


Epic Brewing, Denver CO

Epic Brewing, Denver CO

a pulpit …


… at a former seminary at my university.


Riley’s Farm Colonial Fair – The Brit Lads

As promised, here are are the lads from the Colonial Faire at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen from a few weeks ago.  I’m not thrilled about the sharpness in some of these, but short of walking into the middle of the demonstrations, it’s the best I could do.  Now I understand why people have such huge lenses when they do this sort of thing outside of a studio.  But I’m still learning.  As I mentioned when I posted the pictures of the Lasses, the lighting was terrible.  Basically, mid-day.  So I had to do quite a bit of photoshop fuckery to get the pictures even remotely viewable.  You’ll see what I mean.  Shadows are terrible in places and over saturation is rampant.  Doesn’t help that I edited these on my laptop…which seems to show pictures a bit brighter than my desktop, so a few of these are a little dark..  But I tried.

I decided to break them up into Brits and Colonials.  First, the Brits.  They started off the day with an inspection of course.
Soldier Boy 4.jpg

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the monolith …


… housing the theater in my university’s center for the arts.

urban forest (the fourth of 8 dreams).

a winter’s downtown train overpass, with trees grown in paint by Amber. and a skeletal weed. everyone’s dreaming of spring.

abandon hope …


Or should you? From Wikipedia: “For 11,000 years, Native Americans have used this area for their hunting grounds. Long before the Lakota were the little-studied paleo-Indians, followed by the Arikara people. Their descendants live today in North Dakota as a part of the Three Affiliated Tribes. Archaeological records combined with oral traditions indicate that these people camped in secluded valleys where fresh water and game were available year round.”

Gross Conceptual Error.

My brother introduced me to the idea of the G.C.E. / Gross Conceptual Error, years ago. No, you are not a bird. Funny thing, the birds won’t go to this feeder now. They are going only to Amber’s, which she relocated to this tree just yesterday

another dream passes (the third).

Sunday morning downtown. So empty. But Amber’s art wakes me.

the Badlands …


… in spring. The chaotic landscape can be mesmerizingly beautiful but deadly dry as well.

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a dream (the second of 8).

Carhenge in Nebraska, with Amber’s art of Paco the bull slyly coming around a corner.

a dream failed (the first of 8 of them).

A while back, Amber and I started an advertising agency based on art, rather than numbers and hard sell. I was a professor of advertising, Amber was a graphic designer and MFA student. We wanted to see if this new concept for advertising would work. It didn’t. No clients. We had set up a Web site to help people know what we were doing. I shot up a number of photographs that Amber manipulated for our main Web pages. We collaborated on every aspect of the work from the start. If given a chance, the agency could have produced some stunning adwork … maybe changed a few minds about what advertising could be like. Maybe be very effective. We will never know.

flower power …


… yeah, I was a hippie in the ’60s.

Stars & Checks: T-6G Trainer

Air Force T-6G Trainer: Erie Air Fair, Erie, CO

Air Force T-6G Trainer: Erie Air Fair, Erie, CO


My neighbor’s Shih-Tzu is a therapy dog out at the hospital and they’re doing a set of note cards featuring the best-looking in the pack. He asked me if I’d take some shots to see if they can get her in the collection. First crack at dog photography, so bear with me.

Tillie the Bronco Fan

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intricacies …


… in a paper birch’s bark.


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