High on Photography…


Begone Foul Human

I snuck up on him, great lumbering beast that I am, whistling nonchalantly and casually looking the other way to avoid suspicion, and at the last moment whirled around like a rhinoceros in a ballet tutu and snapped the shot a millisecond before he flew off in an indignant huff. I love ambush photography 8^)

A Moment in Time

Just playing with an older image and NIK filters on a rainy Spring day. I might have gone too far on the background grain but I like the overall effect…and Dawn, the category choices and tags box pops right up for me. I wonder if we’re using different versions of WordPress?

Sunrise moment

In January our lovely and talented Greg Stene posted Inspiration Point – a beautiful capture of a fleeting moment during sunrise. A few days ago I was lucky enough to capture a similar moment.

Morning sunshine

Make the most of your day


Feed Me Seymore

Skagit Tulips 2015

Duffy’s Cherry Cricket

Opening Day!

Baseball’s back … somewhere.

Muddy beauty

Skagit Tulips 2015

You can’t have the flowers without the soil and the water…



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