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Twin Lakes, CO and Mt. Elbert

Mt. Elbert rises above Twin Lakes, CO

Mt. Elbert rises above Twin Lakes, CO

Northbound: Lake County, CO

After I shot “Southbound,” which I posted yesterday, I turned, took three steps around and shot this. I used a very similar workflow, except this is a tad more contrasty (me being me, you know). Also, the light is a little different facing north. I then employed a cooler mild blue toner vs the ambrotype finish I used on “Southbound.” I’ll be interested to see what everyone makes of the contrast between the two.

Southbound: Lake County, CO

Lake County, near Leadville

Lake County, near Leadville

Spine: Garden of the Gods

This is dedicated to 5280LM’s Greg Stene, a Springs native. Greg is on the mend from a nasty accident and here’s hoping he’s back up and running soon.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO


Detail from

Detail from “Tree of Wisdom,” metal sculpture, Regis University in Denver

concrete is not eternal …

27138148015_024651f2c7_bagricultural (presumably) ruins next to the railroad tracks west of Antioch, Nebraska, in the Sandhills …

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Vote for Sammy (and Greg and Mike)

Hey everyone. I have entered the annual Doors Open Denver Photo Contest, although who can say why? I invite everyone to stop over to the contest page and if you think I’m worthy, throw me a vote. If not, go to the contest page and vote for whomever you think is worthy.

Also, I believe a couple more 5280LMers are entering – Greg Thow and Michael Pecaut. We’d be honored if you voted for their extremely nice work as well.

My three entries are “Ludwig” – the piano shot you’ve seen here – “8:14,” a detail of the clock at Union Station, and the Hostel Fish interior, “Skylight.”

The site is here.

Sauza: Bar, Hostel Fish, Denver

Doors Open Denver 2016.


Route 66


Apparently I like garden ornaments.

Hostel Fish Bar with Lens Correction

I fiddled with the picture a bit more and corrected for the lens (after Sam showed me how to do it). Unfortunately, when doing the lens correction, it looks like i lost some of the light at the top of the picture.  I kinda liked that. I couldn’t get the exact same setting as last time, but it’s close.  Maybe a little dark. Oh, well.  Anyway, here you go.  Just the one picture this time.


Hostel Fish Straightened.jpg


Hostel Fish from Doors Open Denver

This is one of the shots of the Hostel Fish Bar from Doors Open Denver. I’m not thrilled with the shot at all. Nothing lines up even after trying to rotate things. But I jacked around with it in photoshop anyway.

Hostel Fish Dark.jpg

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Yucaipa Hills, Darker Days

Some more pictures with the new camera. This time from a hike in the Yucaipa Hills. None of these felt particularly bright, so they have a bit of a dark tinge to them. That first picture, of the tarantula, could have been much better. But I had the wrong lens on the camera and Hina (my dog) was becoming interested, so I had to hurry. Oh, well. Next time…


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Flowers in front of Yucaipa City Hall

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  I got a new Nikon D7200 a few weeks back and I’m trying to figure out how to use it.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday.  I missed a lot of the blooms in the small park in front of City Hall, but there are still a few that are hanging on.  These are all taken with a 55-300mm 4.5-5.6G kit lens.

Yellow Lily.jpg

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