6 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. Love your use of light and shadow, and the texture you get in your shots because of that. I like #1 too, but am also very fond of #3 because of the 3D texture. #4 is also gorgeous. Thanks.

  2. Thanks. I’m glad you like it. I get lucky sometimes. I like the first one, too. I have several pictures of that and it was hard to chhose the best one. Maybe I’ll post one or two more later for technical/composition comments. I almost took the next fern picture down when I saw it on the page because it looked so mundane in comparison to the first picture.

    Dawn, I think so, but I’m not sure. It was growing out of a palm tree we had to cut down in the yard because it was leaning too close to the house. That’s why there’s grass in the lower left of the picture and why the trunk isn’t vertical.

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