Greg and Sam appear on the E Wilks Show: hilarity ensues

Greg Thow and I were guests on the E Wilks Show last night. Well, mainly Greg. I tagged along because I had nothing else to do. Eric and sound engineer/sidekick extraordinaire Tony are genuinely funny guys and it was an absolute blast.

Greg_SamWe were there ostensibly to talk photography, but along the way we touched on:

  • Belgian beer (and Greg’s passion for strawberry ale),
  • the Zimmerman acquittal,
  • the eerie similarities between Al Sharpton and Otis from Andy Griffith,
  • panhandlers,
  • conspiracy theories,
  • zombie golfers with leprosy,
  • my interest in dating Ann Coulter,
  • It’s okay, Officer, it’s for charity,
  • obscure Christian Slater movies,
  • lip replacement surgery, and
  • whether or not to tip the attendant in the portajohn.

Then we got around to photography, and Greg – who despite his protestations is one of Denver’s premier shooters – talks about how he got started and offers a lot of insight for those wanting to improve their own photography skills. Continue reading

magic bench.

Portland has a lot of incredible walking paths. Someone in the Benches Department either has an incredible sense of humor, or maybe … just maybe, a half-hour spent staring at leaves five feet from your face will do you a lot of good.