If you have known me longer than ten minutes you know I knit. I like to blame this obsession on genetics – generations of Irish women ahead of me with knitting needles and sheep in the back forty. Personally I like to knit lace. I love the complexity and mathematical nature of the stitch pattern and structure. This lace shawl came off the needles yesterday – took four months. I knit slowly. Watch this space for my next big project – another lace shawl knit from alpaca. I even know the name of the specific alpaca involved in the project – she comes from a farm in Portland, OR. Did I mention this is an obsession?

2 thoughts on “Structure

    • Thanks Sam – these are the aspects of this activity that keep me engaged. Except for an odd pair of socks – I don’t think I own any of my own knitting. I select yarns and patterns for specific people – knit the object, enjoying the design and composition – give it away and move on to the next project.

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