So we had a windstorm last night…

The night was rocking. We lost power and listened to a tree limb barrage for hours. I am more than grateful that we are all well and the house intact. The birds and squirrels were a bit angry this morning – urban renewal they didn’t request. 🙂
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Red and yellow

Mosquito Fleet Chili

This is another shot from a recent trip around Whidbey Island, WA. This is a sign from a small restaurant in Coupeville. If you look back through my images of the Pacific NW you will notice how subtle the color is out here – so this sign was arresting as we walked along the street. I did not saturate it or do anything but a small crop. For fun I put a B/W version behind the cut – it’s kind of sad by comparison.

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8 seconds on Saturday night

Ferry slip 8 sec exposure

The warm evening drew me out with camera. I played around until I found that 8 seconds shutter allowed the sandy beach to register, the water to smooth out, a touch of blue hour remained and while bright – hopefully the loading pier is still acceptable. The pilings in the foreground are the historical remnants of the shingle mills that lined our waterfront.

Faded beauty

Skagit Tulips

I spotted this lone wilted tulip amid a pile of construction materials… and this is on a farm that hosts one of the massive tulip displays in the Skagit Valley in Washington State. The fields were stunning – but this really grabbed my attention.

Beauty amid industry

These lovely young ladies were at the beach last night – perhaps after their ballet lesson. One ran over to the ferry pier and with delight resumed her lessons – and since ballerinas work in corps – the others fell in line.