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So we had a windstorm last night…

The night was rocking. We lost power and listened to a tree limb barrage for hours. I am more than grateful that we are all well and the house intact. The birds and squirrels were a bit angry this morning – urban renewal they didn’t request. 🙂

Surf and turf

Deception Pass
Deception Pass – Washington State

The bear was both comfort and witness.

Wing Luke Museum

I shot this at the Wing Luke Museum – Belonging: Before and After the Immigration Act of 1965 . This case was part of a group of objects from the Japanese American internment camps from the second world war. I found the only way I could photograph this was from behind…leaving the bear to tell the story.

Golden needles

It’s been dry…

I reject your reality…

… and substitute it with my own.



18 degrees – give or take

18 degree angle - perhaps...
sky geometry

Yesterday’s tools


Forgotten sand toys


Industry of beauty

Skagit Tulips 2015

Sunrise moment

In January our lovely and talented Greg Stene posted Inspiration Point – a beautiful capture of a fleeting moment during sunrise. A few days ago I was lucky enough to capture a similar moment.

Morning sunshine

Make the most of your day


Feed Me Seymore

Skagit Tulips 2015

Muddy beauty

Skagit Tulips 2015

You can’t have the flowers without the soil and the water…

Red and yellow

Mosquito Fleet Chili

This is another shot from a recent trip around Whidbey Island, WA. This is a sign from a small restaurant in Coupeville. If you look back through my images of the Pacific NW you will notice how subtle the color is out here – so this sign was arresting as we walked along the street. I did not saturate it or do anything but a small crop. For fun I put a B/W version behind the cut – it’s kind of sad by comparison.


Dream big

Dream big




Coupeville, WA

8 seconds on Saturday night

Ferry slip 8 sec exposure

The warm evening drew me out with camera. I played around until I found that 8 seconds shutter allowed the sandy beach to register, the water to smooth out, a touch of blue hour remained and while bright – hopefully the loading pier is still acceptable. The pilings in the foreground are the historical remnants of the shingle mills that lined our waterfront.

Faded beauty

Skagit Tulips

I spotted this lone wilted tulip amid a pile of construction materials… and this is on a farm that hosts one of the massive tulip displays in the Skagit Valley in Washington State. The fields were stunning – but this really grabbed my attention.

Beauty amid industry

These lovely young ladies were at the beach last night – perhaps after their ballet lesson. One ran over to the ferry pier and with delight resumed her lessons – and since ballerinas work in corps – the others fell in line.

Into the night…

Been living in the fog – adding this to Sam’s images of fog in the Puget Sound area.


Soft and peaceful start to Saturday morning…

Light and dark

Caught the morning light just so on this tree – would have made a terrific solstice image…