4 thoughts on “Barnacles on Blue

  1. This is an exceptional photograph. It takes time to absorb. I’ve looked at it for 10 minutes now, and I keep finding new details. Good eye, girl. 🙂

  2. Thanks Denny! I get some really interesting shots of those things but I never know if other people find them as lovely or interesting as I do. I love the colors and tiny details here. Glad you do as well!

  3. Can I ask a question? Can you briefly describe your processing on this? You’re finding a wonderful depth in the blues and rust, which is something you do well. I’ve played around with these kinds of things but can never get the balance quite right. Any advice is welcomed.

  4. First, you need to find an incredible old rusting channel marker sitting near the road. Then after snapping 400 photos, pick one that is decent and import it into Lightroom. I import my RAW images as DNG (digital negatives) which makes some minor processing changes automatically upon import. For this shot, the biggest adjustments I made were probably contrast and clarity, both bumped up to about +60. I increased vibrance a small amount (+14) and made no changes to overall saturation. No changes to blue at all. I bumped up the aqua saturation to +27. I also lowered the dark tones a bit. I also increased the orange and magenta saturations slightly, which I commonly do for rust. I find that generally speaking, rusty images respond well to fairly large increases in clarity.

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