bridging a gap.

When you watch the center of Hawthorne Bridge rise, it just kind of wipes all other thoughts from your mind and all you know is this goofy grin happening on your face.

The surface of Hawthorne Bridge in Portland. Notice that the orange-red counterweights are now back up at top with the center of the bridge once again in place. No longer is the air filled with the questions of people, lost in confusion, who have run out of bridge at the center-point and keep asking why the bridge is gone. The silence is good.

3 thoughts on “bridging a gap.

  1. Greg – there is a tangible sense of silence and stillness in these images – as if the bridge and boat are the only moving objects in Portland at that moment. Is this early in the morning? The shadows are long and lovely and the moon is framed between the bridge spans…

    • Dawn, I can almost guarantee you that there will be no images from me that are taken in early morning. Too painful. This was a late afternoon. I’m surprised you saw the moon, it looks so much like a puff of cloud. And I must shatter your impression of the stillness of the place. This was last Monday, a couple days back. I think you folks shared the same conditions. The last of the sun we will see until maybe Friday. The place was a madhouse. People gathered in numerous groups, exercising, seemingly driven to it by the sunlight. Groups upon groups of people taking walks, while the homeless regarded everyone suspiciously but remained calm, as usual. The press of people was just intense. That was all on the city-side bank of the river. But all you had to do was look to the river and the things not happening there and it really was quite peaceful. You are quite right about that.

  2. I like the juxtaposition of the boat and the bridge. The boat looks like a recreational/tour/pleasure craft of some kind, but the bridge and the rest of the surroundings are decidedly industrial and work-related. The boat seems a little out of place, which is arresting.

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