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community garden IV.


party on.

promise & fulfillment.

when I was in elementary school in Colorado, I was introduced to the idea of a state flower. ours is the Columbine, I was told. being an Army brat, I had never “owned” something from a place I lived. never had something to identify with. and now here, on one spring day, I was given a flower as my own, as a way to know myself.


fangs of the tulip.

community garden. beginning a new year.

grass top to the shelter. good karma.


searching for my memories.


the taste of the air shifted.


a hard wake-up during The Road Years.


the fall to earth.

a change of sand.

I’m shifting now from the desert to a similar landscape … the ocean. Here, I’m discovering the huge horizontal spaces both ‘scapes offer. There is a magnificent ever-changing pattern of sky, wave, surf, sand. And light. The various shapes take on obvious to subtle messaging, each unique. So, I’m thinking I’ll concentrate on this for a while as I consider my work.

poke your head into the north side of the Interstate …

painted desert_north 2 images white cropped 683 5280

and suddenly it becomes clear why they call this the Painted Desert.

thinking about what’s in the rear-view mirror.

painted rubble hold 2017 0363 1024

millions of years and things just fall into place naturally. if only we had the time to be so patient.

time 2 leave. time 4 reflection.

the road down there leads to another road. don’t need much more in life.

into each life or epoch, some rain must fall.

heading toward the actual painted desert just up the road.

god, painting with a disregard for colors.

painted desert area.

a forest lying down on the job.

the Painted Desert sort of shares space with the Petrified Forest to the south, with its broken trees scattered around.

a solitary place.

painted desert, arizona.

Painted Desert, Arizona.

I’m taking some time for a while, reflecting on some earlier works. Thanks for visiting.


just another Sunday afternoon.


on tuesday morning, the shaman gave us the wrong answer.