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Oregon coast, 2015: waiting on the tsunami.


Haystack Rock in the Pacific Ocean, outside Cannon Beach, Oregon.

stuck between a rock and a rock.

Amber and I were out on the coast this week. It’s funny, we had the power to see the sun on the right, left, or center of the two rocks, depending on where we chose to stand. I feel like a minor god.


child and grandmother.

hidden meanings.

Revisiting the Tucson area for a few images here.

landing zone.

A Saturday at the Community Gardens.

middle age.

I have finally come to think that the simplicity of the common sunflower has imbued it with a serious level of elegance. A petal missing, a group of them drooping, a new flower with the audacity of youth in its presentation. Impressive stuff.


watching the grass grow as spectator sport.


gnome in the garden.

yellowstone, a bit faster.

My image of Artist’s Point is offered as a possible solution to Evan’s question about his image … about why the water appears laid onto the photo. (more…)


Sam’s trains reminded me of this one from March.


somewhere in tucson #33.


somewhere in tucson #19.


the impact of a glancing blow of light.

island in the maelstrom.

A bottom of the Grand Canyon, somewhere down there.


tree. with canyon.

6 million years in 1/320th of a second.

The shot of the Grand Canyon took 1/320th of a second. It took from 6 to 70 million years to carve this hole in the ground. It appears most of it was cut about 6 million ago. But that’s just age. The thing is that after five visits (3 specifically to shoot it), I’ve learned that just shooting a hole in the ground gives you pictures of a … hole. You really need to look for the effects of light, the changing weather, perspectives of close v. near, and so on. In a sense, the Canyon becomes a backdrop for these other things.

only a feeder stream.

The Little Colorado River gorge: one of the two primary tributaries of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. 

just another case of littering.

The Petrified Forest National Park in northern Arizona mashes up two areas about midway along the road through it: a petrified forest (natch), and multicolored grounds called the painted desert. It looks like a race of giants tossed these petrified trees out the car window as they drove by about 225 million years ago and the ground, in a number of stratified colors (white and blue mostly at this point) became littered with it all (2015).


on the road to the painted desert.

in northern Arizona.

the pathway.

If you are going to the North Country Fair, you will find your way blocked by a stone in the desert that towers far above the land. It is a stone connected to the core of the earth and it rings out with truths from The Magicks, and only those who know of that way will be able to hear and follow the words. There are many words and travelers. And there is only one unique message for each traveler.


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