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somewhere in tucson #33.


somewhere in tucson #19.


the impact of a glancing blow of light.

island in the maelstrom.

A bottom of the Grand Canyon, somewhere down there.


tree. with canyon.

6 million years in 1/320th of a second.

The shot of the Grand Canyon took 1/320th of a second. It took from 6 to 70 million years to carve this hole in the ground. It appears most of it was cut about 6 million ago. But that’s just age. The thing is that after five visits (3 specifically to shoot it), I’ve learned that just shooting a hole in the ground gives you pictures of a … hole. You really need to look for the effects of light, the changing weather, perspectives of close v. near, and so on. In a sense, the Canyon becomes a backdrop for these other things.

only a feeder stream.

The Little Colorado River gorge: one of the two primary tributaries of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. 

just another case of littering.

The Petrified Forest National Park in northern Arizona mashes up two areas about midway along the road through it: a petrified forest (natch), and multicolored grounds called the painted desert. It looks like a race of giants tossed these petrified trees out the car window as they drove by about 225 million years ago and the ground, in a number of stratified colors (white and blue mostly at this point) became littered with it all (2015).


on the road to the painted desert.

in northern Arizona.

the pathway.

If you are going to the North Country Fair, you will find your way blocked by a stone in the desert that towers far above the land. It is a stone connected to the core of the earth and it rings out with truths from The Magicks, and only those who know of that way will be able to hear and follow the words. There are many words and travelers. And there is only one unique message for each traveler.

barrel cactus with fruit.

Tucson encounters with color. You’d just pass it by 11 months out of the year.

yellow flowers.

Saguaro National Monument, Tucson, Arizona.

just the desert. and red ocotillo flowers.

 Sunday morning. The sky went crazy. The desert floor looked like a forest. The red ocotillo flowers simply ruled.

it’s alive!! the desert, that is.

The desert outside Tucson, Arizona … once a year for about 4 to 5 days, the flowers drop by. It was good to be there this year for it all. (more…)




inspiration point.

View from my office January 25. My office is at home.

long cold night on the park bench.

I saw this idea (it’s far more than a simple technique) a while back at a gallery show and decided to give it a try. It’s a real challenge, with what appear to be hundreds of choices at every click of the mouse. I’m certainly not done with this image. Goodbye to a couple days or so.


before the storm.

a pot for large plants; only $237,000.

Following on Sam’s recent smokestack images … this one in the Oregon coast region is nearly a bazillion feet tall. You cannot fit it all into a single photograph. One day, I decided to walk around the base of the thing. I never made it back.

send me a sign.

Up in Long Beach, a small seaside town in SW Washington state, just a couple doors down from the McDonald’s, Amber noticed this set of four old, decaying fuel tanks. Each was painted with a mural of Christ, from birth to resurrected, as you progress down the tanks. Note the modern (Ferrellgas; you can’t see the name) tank to the right. It will help to understand the weirdness when you see the bus later.



the party was yesterday?


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