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it’s what’s on my mind.

art doesn’t always have to be artful. sometimes, just bringing something pretty to the soul is enough.

outcome uncertain.

the desert decides.



no one can hear you scream in the forest.

imagine … you’re being all woodsie, walking the trail and thinking environmental-like, and smiling at the glory of nature that surrounds you, and then this drops on your head and begins munching.



the nurses all looked over me, as I was ill, in bed.

I posted this picture earlier this year on July 27. I ran into it again today, and my response to it was quite different. Previously, I had titled it, “Middle Age.” I was trying to make sense of the image, make it say something. This time, I found myself reflecting on who I am and my physical health (not great right now). Two different ways of seeing the same thing. From the same person. Nothing remains the same, I guess. Even meaning.

from chaos, a sublime order.

an interesting take on the traditional “U” shaped motel/apartment court. to the right, four modular additions of trailers, randomly selected apparently. at the back, what appears to be the last of the original brick buildings. to the left, some incomprehensible building used for unknowable things. and dead-center, a large trailer behind the tree. somehow, it works. it reaches uneasily in the mind to being artful.

the wide open road can lead to smaller places.

end of the road at the motel at the end of the road.

the “for sale” sign at the left pretty well tells it all. probably headed for demolition. but is the land even worth the cost of the demolition? now, eight months later, it would be interesting to see the resolution, if any.


Tucson, April, 2015.


Oregon coast, 2015: waiting on the tsunami.


Haystack Rock in the Pacific Ocean, outside Cannon Beach, Oregon.

stuck between a rock and a rock.

Amber and I were out on the coast this week. It’s funny, we had the power to see the sun on the right, left, or center of the two rocks, depending on where we chose to stand. I feel like a minor god.


child and grandmother.

hidden meanings.

Revisiting the Tucson area for a few images here.

landing zone.

A Saturday at the Community Gardens.

middle age.

I have finally come to think that the simplicity of the common sunflower has imbued it with a serious level of elegance. A petal missing, a group of them drooping, a new flower with the audacity of youth in its presentation. Impressive stuff.


watching the grass grow as spectator sport.


gnome in the garden.

yellowstone, a bit faster.

My image of Artist’s Point is offered as a possible solution to Evan’s question about his image … about why the water appears laid onto the photo. (more…)


Sam’s trains reminded me of this one from March.


somewhere in tucson #33.


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