High on Photography…


in the woods …


… at a place my students and graduates ought to know well.


layer cake …


… in Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA.

the risks of littering …


In Wyoming, the state fines you for littering … and then sends a storm after you.

a brief, brilliant bloom …


… during a wet spring in Badlands National Park in South Dakota, USA.

overlook …


… a small cabin high above a valley near my university.

Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

nurse log …


… at a nature center near my university. [nurse log explainer]

basin and range …


… in northern Nevada. See larger image.


Palouse Fields from Steptoe Butte

Palouse Fields from Steptoe Butte, Black & White

One of the classic shots in the Palouse (eastern Washington’s grain region) is color and shadow from the top of Steptoe Butte. Rather than explore the shades of green and/or brown, I chose to explore the textural contrasts and patterns in this scene.


party on.


Faux Falls Cascade

Faux Falls Cascade, Moab, UT

Faux Falls is just outside Moab, UT. It’s “Faux” because the water is pumped from an adjacent canyon through a ridge to move the water closer to town, cascading down into a lake.

During the Moab Photography Symposium I shot Faux Falls on two separate occasions, once coming down on the falls from above, once from below. Acutely aware of some errors (er, suboptimal decisions) in the first session, I set out to create a better image during the second. Part of that was seeing in black & white, part framing, part clearing excess material from the image field itself. I’m happy with the result, at least for now.

I should point out that during this second shooting session, I lost a lens step-up ring into the stream and was soaked to halfway between my ankles and knees. At least I didn’t hurt myself. That was a different shoot :-).

desert rain …


… over Route 50 in Nevada, oft-billed as “the loneliest road in America.”

Long’s Peak and Boulder from Davidson Mesa

Long's Peak, Boulder Valley from Davidson Mesa

Long’s Peak, Boulder Valley from Davidson Mesa


promise & fulfillment.

when I was in elementary school in Colorado, I was introduced to the idea of a state flower. ours is the Columbine, I was told. being an Army brat, I had never “owned” something from a place I lived. never had something to identify with. and now here, on one spring day, I was given a flower as my own, as a way to know myself.


fangs of the tulip.

community garden. beginning a new year.

grass top to the shelter. good karma.

storm …


… off Route 50 in Nevada, USA. [see larger image]

horizon …


… in the high desert of south-central Oregon, USA.

tracks …


… on a downed log in the forest at my university.

take me to your leader …


This is one of 250 large-scale sculptures in Griffis Sculpture Park in western New York state. A concert featuring 10,000 Maniacs is scheduled for Sunday, July 16, to benefit the park and the Essex Arts Center.


searching for my memories.