High on Photography…




stratigraphy …


… in Badlands National Park in South Dakota, USA.

tired …

36338475135_0e56e6c7fd_ban old pickup along Route 93 in Nevada, USA, near a once-upon-a-time Pony Express station …

Bloody Run Hills …


… north of Winnemucca, Nevada, on Route 95. To the west is the Black Rock Desert, home of Burning Man. [embiggen]

Epiphany, pt 2

I continue working the vein…

Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres



High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter

Art can be an incremental process. Then there are times when, without warning, you find yourself caught in the throes of some muse’s dying, orgasmic spasm, well and truly beyond any rational explanation.



community garden IV.

the sky over the land …


an image from years ago re-edited much better … [embiggen]

Rush: Cataract Falls, Summit County, CO

A few years back Greg Thow took this majestic shot in Rocky Mountain National Park, and I’m still not sure it isn’t my favorite Greg photo ever. So today, while hiking the Lower Cataract Lake loop up in Summit County I came across Cataract Falls. Didn’t know there¬†was a Cataract Falls. But this scene reminded me of Greg’s RMNP shot. I don’t think I’m anywhere near that one in terms of power and artistic impact, but it’s nice to have pretty spots to practice, huh?

Two takes, color first.

Cataract Falls, Summit County, CO

Cataract Falls, Summit County, CO

And the black and white. (more…)

a big sky …


… in southern Wyoming.

bleak horizon …

35470119675_e1986c0a28_b… in Badlands National Park in South Dakota. [larger image]

a wet spring …


… in Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA.

mom and the kids …


… in the back country of Wind Cave National Park in Wyoming, USA.

in the woods …


… at a place my students and graduates ought to know well.


layer cake …


… in Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA.

the risks of littering …


In Wyoming, the state fines you for littering … and then sends a storm after you.

a brief, brilliant bloom …


… during a wet spring in Badlands National Park in South Dakota, USA.

overlook …


… a small cabin high above a valley near my university.

Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta

nurse log …


… at a nature center near my university. [nurse log explainer]

basin and range …


… in northern Nevada. See larger image.