6 thoughts on “Paramount

  1. Stick with the first one. It’s the richest image, and quite lovely.

    (For the record, for some reason nothing happens when I click the blog’s ‘like’ button. Been going on for several weeks. No idea why.)

  2. I’m with the first one, also. was color balance a bit of a horrorshow? or did your camera do a good job dealing with it? considering the B&W … like Denny, I like the flim nooer, or whatever. the problem is, it’s become a bit of a cliche’. hell, it’s not a bit of one … it’s one of the godfathers of cliche. but that doesn’t mean it’s not working … but that … that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to go.
    can this cliche’ be rescued? interesting question, Greg. it is tasty, and deserves consideration.

  3. Color balance on shots like this seem to be a freakin’ nightmare, and yeah, this was challenging. I shot it with a variety of settings and did most of the work in post.

    As for the b/w issue, there is a shot I want of this place, and that I tried to get, but I think I failed. It will be that cliched 45 degree angle from across the street shot, except instead of b/w, it will be heavily bleached except for maybe the blue. I think I can make a shot like that work, but I didn’t quite get the raw shot I need the other night.

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