Superior Workmanship

Deckard: [presents scale for examination] Fish?
Cambodian lady: [examines scale with microscope] I think it was manufactured locally… finest quality… superior workmanship. There is a maker’s serial number… 9-9-0-6-9-4-7-X-B-7-1. Interesting. *Not* fish. *Snake* scale!

Versailles, floor level

Yesterday my fellow mafioso Andrea Frantz was wondering what my Versailles shot would look like from floor level. As it turns out, I took just such a shot.

I processed this one a little differently, as well. I’m finding that just about nothing is harder to deal with than a big yellow room. And this is a really big, really yellow room. Even when you have the color nailed, it feels oversaturated. So in this case, I actually pulled the yellow down a little.