6 thoughts on “Graveyard in Awendaw

    • Thanks! I debated that one for awhile actually. Kept coming back to the absence of color though when it struck me that the trees look like tombstones on a bleak winter day.

  1. Oh, boy, do I like this. The parade of trees. The unnatural spatial pattern and the choice of monochrome is so damn good. Take a bow.

  2. Predictably, I suppose, the thing I’m most drawn to is the inherent contradiction in the process of imposing symmetry and order on nature. Trees. Marching in formation. Those of you who know about my doctoral work will understand why this kind of thing fascinates me.

    Wonderfully composed, and the b/w was in fact a great decision.

  3. Thank you for the feedback. Sometimes I can’t define what it is that strikes me as unusual about a scene and this helps me define it. This was one of those “slam on the brakes” moments for me as I was exploring a fairly remote area in South Carolina and this field caught my eye.

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