5 thoughts on “Corn

  1. Hi Dawn. The reason I took this shot is because it’s a basic product shot, only with imperfections (like a bit of dirt) that I meant to be a subtle comment on the difference between real corn and the perfect shots you see of it. I did absolutely nothing with the lighting. This is shot as is at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. The warmth comes, I think, from natural light mixed with weak tungsten that you find throughout the market on the open-air side.

  2. Interesting. The light here makes me think it must have been a nice day. There’s a real warmth, as Dawn says, that suggests sunlight. I was just in the market last week on a darkish day and I don’t think a shot would have been quite so warm in those conditions.

    I like the naturalistic bent here. I immediately noticed the speck on the one ear and realized no attempt was being made to Hollywood the corn. I’ve always appreciated this kind of honesty, although I’m not sure I have figured out how to do it very well myself.

  3. Well, a lot of warmth is how you white balance. A cloudy day is bluer than a sunny day, but tungsten is much warmer than both. So, the mixture of tungsten to natural light is also very important. I don’t remember whether it was sunny or not, but the side of the market open to the elements is often in shadow, especially early and late in the day, which provides a nice, soft light, if not a warm one.

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