UPDATED: I hereby challenge Mike Pecaut the 5280LM staff to a 5280 Downtown Throwdown

Okay, earlier I challenged my buddy and fellow 5280 Lens Mafioso Mike Pecaut, who was in town to help me celebrate my birthday yesterday, to a downtown Denver shoot-off. This is Mike:

We went to the theater/convention center district yesterday afternoon to see if we could find anything to shoot. So I thought hey, let’s call Mike out. Ought to be fun.

Then I got to thinking. Why just pick on Mike? Greg Thow lives here. Kelly lives here. Dan lives here. Tom lives up in Boulder, as does Stuart. Greg Stene used to live here and Denny used to live in Boulder. Andrea has visited here (I know, because I saw her) and I think Dawn has, too. I don’t know that they took and pictures while visiting, though. Manuela and Dan I have no clue about.

In any case, we have a lot of people who have every excuse to have a Mile High City shot in the archives somewhere. So instead of a Sam vs. Mike Throwdown, I hereby decree this to be Denver Photo Showdown Week here at 5280 Lens Mafia. All of my colleagues are challenged to post something from our fair metropolis, and multiple entries are not only welcome, but encouraged.

How’s that for fun?

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: I hereby challenge Mike Pecaut the 5280LM staff to a 5280 Downtown Throwdown

  1. I only have a crappy picture of the airport… last time I visited the area was 25 plus years ago. Can’t wait to see the results.

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