Corona: a study in light and filter


My attempts to learn about design photography continue. This shot is of a nice light fixture in the home of my friends in Seattle. I liked the piece and thought maybe something could be done with the light and symmetry. Above is the straight output. Below are three alternate takes.


Black & White

Monday Morning

4 thoughts on “Corona: a study in light and filter

  1. Elegant subject, elegantly captured. All are evocative, but for different reasons. For example, I like Corona and Monday morning because the tips of the outer “leaves” are well etched in the image. But Midnight and Black and White are pleasing too, because the outer leaves fade into obscurity, signifying an air of mystery. Tip ‘o the hat.

    • Thanks. It’s interesting that everyone seems to prefer the first one – I kinda like the last one because there’s a sort of embossed look to how the fixture and the light interact. There’s a depth in that that appeals to me, but it’s hardly the first time that I’ve liked something when others didn’t. The feedback is really helpful.

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