8 thoughts on “Resting

    • Tate Modern in London – I have a couple of photos from there of the people watching the art. I am convinced that museum was designed to have the people as part of the display. It is a terrific space.

  1. placing this solitary person in the shot … fantastic. you can’t just see it as a shot of art. it is the idea of contemplating art is what’s happening here, and that captures the mind of the photograph’s viewer.
    Rothko’s work becomes something else, by allowing this person into the experience. Who is this person? Why has this Rothko captured the attention deeply enough they’re sitting and looking?
    I have to say that I think maybe “resting” may not be the right title. I’m seeing a relationship taking place.
    great work, Dawn. great eye for the shot.

    • Thanks – Rothko had been to provide these works to the Four Seasons Restaurant in NY – but decided he did not wish them to just be a back drop for the wealthy. He pulled them and donated them to the Tate. He died the day they arrived… so, who knows what that woman may have been thinking as she gazed upon them.

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