4 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. thanks! i think this leads me back to the discussion that was occurring off-board re: taking camera with you when you are on vacation. that is the time i most want my camera with me since i tend to take photos on the fly, without much preparation and anticipation. it is possible that this is what makes me an amateur/hobbyist (as opposed to professional – back to that conversation as well) – it seems that most of us on this board tend to really plan out what they are looking for, got at the certain part of the day to achieve it, etc. i really don;t – i tend to look at my photos as happy accidents, if that makes sense? anyway, thanks for this! it was an absolutely lovely, happy accident to find the reflecting pool so still – i took a lot of snaps fo this view (and others) but this one came out the best.

  2. Damn. How did I miss this when it was first posted? Kell, this is first-rate work. Happy accidents do not occur unless the mind’s open to the possibility.

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