Boots on the Ground

DNC 2008 010
DNC – Denver, Colorado – 2008

I have been looking through my flickr account recently and am coming across older pics that I really like. Here’s one from the DNC back in 2008, at a rally on the Capitol steps.

Denver Photo Challenge: Where the Sidewalk Ends

July 2010 086
East Colfax Avenue – Summer 2010 (Denver, CO)

I am (as usual) a little late to the game, but thought I would share some of my photos from a few years back, taken on a trek of Colfax Avenue from beginning to end.  Probably post some more later – not with my sights set on winning this challenge (because, seriously, who can top Greg’s gorgeous city shots) but simply to share my Denver. 

Cemetery (Cambridge, MA)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

I have a lot of graveyard pictures – cemeteries are peaceful and full of history, which makes them a joy to visit. Since we are closing in on Halloween, I am only going to post graveyard images until the end of the season. Hopefully, you will enjoy them.


I went for a drive into the Rockies with a couple of friends on the autumn equinox. The air was hazy with the smoke of wildfires from other western states, and was so thick that at times it was difficult to see the peaks. At the base of Independence Pass, we caught a person canoing out on one of the Twin Lakes. Between mudflats, you can see how low the water is. If we don’t have a wet winter, with a good spring run-off, I worry about next summer.
Twin Lakes, Colorado (September 22, 2012)

Independence Pass (September 2010)

Aspen trees, in honor of autumn, and in anticipation of my mountain jaunt tomorrow.

Taken on a day-trip up Independence Pass in the fall of 2010, prior to a good friend moving back to California. She and I spent a couple of months in 2010 going on photographic road trips so she could get as much of Colorado in her sights before leaving.  This trip took us over Kenosha Pass, through Leadville, over Independence Pass, and back home down I-70. Tomorrow’s day trip will be over Guanella Pass (road conditions permitting), Leadville, Independence Pass, back down to Kenosha, and home.  Should be a good way to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.