4 thoughts on “Go West: Denver Convention Center

  1. Killer geometry – the images is in a reverse perspective to my eye. The sky looks like the blue surface the glass and steel rest upon…

    Interesting choice to make an angular building house the fluidity of performing arts.

  2. Really, really nice, Sam. I think this is your most successful geometry shot to date. Both options work. Just a matter of taste which one to like best, which is the top one for me. This one grabbed me. Great work!

  3. Thanks. I have two or three more in this set for the coming days. A b/w of this shot, plus a different crop that I think I like even better. I’ve been wanting to shoot that building forever because the geometry of the roof as it juts out over Speer has always fascinated me. I feel the same about the art museum, and it’s on the list, too….

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