5 thoughts on “Versailles

  1. pretty. weird, though. I totally lost the objects in the room to the perspective. do you like the people in the room? do you have another look at this room? i’m curious to see how that might have been considered, this perspective is so much a natural.

  2. I have a few other shots from this room. The biggest wrestling match is the yellow – big room, very yellow, lots of light on that yellow, and the result is a picture that screams “oversaturated” unless you actually UNDERsaturate it.

    The people were there and I have been advised to practice shooting with people in the shot. I’ll go back and some point and try to get this gallery with no people. My instinct is to yell at people to get the hell out of my shot because they’re ruining the design.

    As for the objects getting lost, this shot is designed to be about the room, not the things in it. I’m interested in the scope, the effect of the space and architecture. The things IN the room aren’t that important to me. Now, if it’s blown up to full size and hung on a wall, you’ll get a lot more detail….

  3. The thing I like most about this shot (and want more of) is the floor, mostly because of the way that the boards lead the eye forward. I want to urge another go at this from lower (as is prostrate ON) the floor and see what you get. Cool shot. Love the depth.

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