Jesus House Revisited

Some of you may have seen my door shot titled “I Found Jesus”  and/or the shot of the other side of this wonderful old house which I posted as “Doggie Door” shortly after coming aboard here.  I went back the other day to  shoot it again, planning to use my tripod this time, but in a typical blonde moment forgot to put the tripod in the car. Oh well.  I was just happy to find the door still untouched and the house still standing.  The tree by the doggie door has gotten huge now but not much else has changed.


WTF door

I stopped to take pictures of this interesting brick wall in a small town I was driving through recently. I did not notice, nor can I explain, the image in the door. Bizarre!

Old window

Something about this old window felt comfortable to me – it isn’t modern, or energy efficient or sanitized in any way. Life happened all around it and that’s OK.