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Simple Little Weed

little weed

Hello Kitty

hello kitty
Playing peekaboo with me! One of the many beautiful cats that live at the Yorktown Pub, Yorktown Va.


Barnacles on Blue

rusty channel marker

Where Sam and Cyndi Collide

colorful car

Colorful rust + classic car … I couldn’t get a good shot of the whole car as most of it was in some serious shadows and parked against an uninteresting building. I love the colors and patterns here though.


Behind The Fence

fence patterns


Spring Spots

fence and weed

Industrial Ruffles

This looks like a bedskirt to me.

More Norfolk Zen

norfolk zen
I made another visit to my favorite spot in Norfolk where the rusting retired channel markers live. They make such pretty backgrounds.


Concrete Canvas

concrete canvas


A Splash of Spring Color

splash of spring color

Sam Smith, Top This!

obsession car

I was so excited to finally see this thing in a parking lot – AND I HAD MY CAMERA WITH ME!!! I had seen it from a distance before …

Fishing Boat in Fog

fishing boat

This is one of those happy accidents as a photographer. I was shooting the pelicans that were perched atop this waterside building one recent foggy morning when suddenly this fishing boat appeared out of the fog, much to my delight.


The Larger View

Norfolk Va

This is where I discovered the channel markers graveyard and shot my two posts, Retired Channel Markers and Channel Markers Revisited.  I wanted to share with our viewers the kinds of places I go to find really interesting shots.  One of my favorite places to explore is near the train tracks in any city or small town.  I have never been disappointed by the photographic treasures that live near the tracks!  When I decided to venture into this neighborhood, I had no idea that these channel markers were stored here. Now I want to find out their history! Stay tuned! I shot this through the windshield by the way so it’s not the greatest quality. I didn’t want to startle the man heading my way by jumping out and taking a picture. And yes I could probably jazz it up with some post processing but other images are already waiting for me there!


Norfolk Geometry

geometry Norfolk


Channel Markers Revisited

channel markers leaves

A softer, more subtle version this time. And in my college sorority colors, pink and green – thanks Mother Nature!


How Does This Even Happen?

how wabi sabi


Mother Nature Paints Again

green wall


I See Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil wall


Seagull Supermodels

seagulls goetcheus

Trick or Treat

haunted house

Old haunted (in my mind anyway!) house near Emporia, Virginia. Happy almost Halloween!

Old Virginia Farm

virginia farm

I don’t do many landscapes here but the cotton fields in Virginia and North Carolina are so beautiful right now I just had to share this. I do love a good collapsing barn too!