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Purple & Gold (& Green & Blue & Red)

Above the Madding Crowd

The other day I posted this pretty blanket of tulips from the Denver Botanic Gardens. I’ve been reconsidering the shot and thinking it needed a little more focus to succeed. So I did a bit of cropping and pulled the light in on the flower that seems to be the heart of the image¬†– the purple one sticking its head up at the top left third point.

What do you think?




April Showers, Colorado Style


Tulips in the snow - April 16, 2016

Tulips in the snow – April 16, 2016

Springtime in Colorado

Tulip in the snow, April 16


And One More for the Road…

Orange tulip


Evil Tulips from the Laboratory…

Backlit glowing tulips

Tulips are widely grown in Washington as a commercial crop. Skagit, WA has an annual Tulip Festival in the spring where you can go see enormous fields of tulips in a wide range of shades and patterns. You can order bulbs from at least hundreds of varieties. Many people just grow their own in the garden or take advantage of volunteers.

Check out Roozengaarde or the Skagit Tulip Festival if you’re interested.


From my Stained Glass period…

Backlit Tulip, Seattle

Of course, my “stained glass” period is pretty much ongoing. I have several of these taken annually.



Happy Spring