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B/W version of the previous.

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

Two slightly different edits of a shot I took this morning out at the Denver Art Museum. Basically I moved the light a little. Which do you like better?


take me to your leader …


This is one of 250 large-scale sculptures in Griffis Sculpture Park in western New York state. A concert featuring 10,000 Maniacs is scheduled for Sunday, July 16, to benefit the park and the Essex Arts Center.

Bearzilla: Denver Convention Center

The Famous Blue Bear - Denver Convention Center

The Famous Blue Bear – Denver Convention Center

Tree of Wisdom

“Tree of Wisdom,” by Alexander Tylevich – Regis University, Denver

God, who is as immense... - Detail

God, who is as immense… – Detail



Detail from

Detail from “Tree of Wisdom,” metal sculpture, Regis University in Denver

molten …


Breakers: Ballard Locks, Seattle

the storm king …


faith …


the ice towers …

N780AS – a different flower

One of the unexpected finds of our ramble around New Mexico was the discovery of stored air frames at the Roswell International Airport. There are organizations at the air field that store, scrap and refit mid-life commercial aircraft. It was a cold day and the snow was flying so no one was around to care if we walked up to the fence lines. This image is a Boeing 747-400 series currently owned by AerSale Inc. Look behind the cut to see it in it’s glory days.

ice lanterns …


At Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle



Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle

Under the Sea




Chihuly Garden & Glass, Seattle


Can you hear the conversation… but Mom it was an accident, can I climb in the fountain and get it?
I had a real struggle getting this shot – and in fact did not get the shot I was attempting at all. I was spot metering on the ball but the camera was distracted by the waterfall. It is a tough shot with a point and shoot – I should have gone fully manual, but was using a program ae mode. Oh well – that’s photography – sometimes you capture it just so, and other times you just add to your learning.


Not long back I posted this shot, taken at Regis University. I have decided that I wanted to play with the composition a bit, so I went back out there today. Compare and contrast, yo.



Psychic Balance

Janus: Blue Hour

Dawn wanted me to go back and shoot this one at night. Ask, receive.