Can you hear the conversation… but Mom it was an accident, can I climb in the fountain and get it?
I had a real struggle getting this shot – and in fact did not get the shot I was attempting at all. I was spot metering on the ball but the camera was distracted by the waterfall. It is a tough shot with a point and shoot – I should have gone fully manual, but was using a program ae mode. Oh well – that’s photography – sometimes you capture it just so, and other times you just add to your learning.

Okum – my building, my way…

Silver Okum 1910 building at the Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA. Built in 1910 by Ben Silver a trader in oakum – only he spelled it okum. What is oakum? Hemp-like fibers combined with pitch/tar for caulking in shipbuilding. Picking oakum was a staple of Victorian workhouses and penal institutions. Now the building houses restaurants and retail.

Quality always

Historically protected vintage neon sign at the Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA. Loback Meat Company actually closed for good in 1989 – their stall now filled with jams and cherries.

Wind storm

I’ve been waiting for this weekend’s wind and rain to experiment with multiple exposures. I did not shoot this as B/W – that was just the existing light in the storm.


We were down in the International District yesterday enjoying some dim sum… yum yum. There is almost always something colorful and fun to see, yesterday it was paper lamps and books.

Ferry arrives in Edmonds

The recently posted photos from low tide were in the tidal zone to the left of the ferry dock – and under the ferry dock. Thought you might like the big picture. Left of the ferry is also a marine sanctuary – divers have a variety of things sunken in the area for exploration.

One for Denny – One for Sam

Mt. Rainier – looking east towards the mountain. It lacks technical quality – shot out the window… but I hope you like it all the same Denny.

Sam – you share the exterior and interior of some beautiful vehicles. I used that as inspiration for this shot.