Denver Photo Challenge: Where the Sidewalk Ends

July 2010 086
East Colfax Avenue – Summer 2010 (Denver, CO)

I am (as usual) a little late to the game, but thought I would share some of my photos from a few years back, taken on a trek of Colfax Avenue from beginning to end.  Probably post some more later – not with my sights set on winning this challenge (because, seriously, who can top Greg’s gorgeous city shots) but simply to share my Denver. 

Denver Photo Challenge: Denver Center for the Performing Arts on Fire

Version 1

Unfortunately, most of my shots of the Denver Performing Arts Center didn’t come out.  Even my shot of Sam turned out blurry.  Which sucks because it’s a shot of him laying on the ground just after taking the picture he posted earlier.  Of all the shots I took, this is the only one that had some nice geometry.  Sam agreed to play with it a bit since I couldn’t photoshop myself out of a paper bag.  This is my favorite version of what he tried.

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