Rush: Cataract Falls, Summit County, CO

A few years back Greg Thow took this majestic shot in Rocky Mountain National Park, and I’m still not sure it isn’t my favorite Greg photo ever. So today, while hiking the Lower Cataract Lake loop up in Summit County I came across Cataract Falls. Didn’t know thereĀ was a Cataract Falls. But this scene reminded me of Greg’s RMNP shot. I don’t think I’m anywhere near that one in terms of power and artistic impact, but it’s nice to have pretty spots to practice, huh?

Two takes, color first.

Cataract Falls, Summit County, CO

Cataract Falls, Summit County, CO

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Aspen Sky: Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

If you’re a photographer in Colorado, it is required (perhaps by law) that you have two shots in your portfolio. First, you need the fall Aspens looking up at the sky shot. I haven’t nailed that one yet, but I did get this last week up on the Buena Vista side of Cottonwood Pass near Cottonwood Lake.