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Midnight Snack

This is a shot Julie Orr took a couple weeks ago on our hike up at Lower Cataract Lake. We took the nice little butterfly on the flower and then started playing with that new software package I mentioned in my last post. What resulted is a bit abstract. And dark. And ominous. And lush. And I just freakin’ love it.

I have to talk Julie in getting serious with a camera. She has an eye.


Butterfly and the World


Butterfly Garden, National Museum of Natural History

Butterfly Garden, National Museum of Natural History

Flutterbys: Nature Challenge 6 of 7

Butterflies at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum's Butterfly Garden
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Shot these in the Butterfly Garden, which is unconfined space, at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. These are Queen Butterflys, which land and sit because (according to the docent) most birds cannot distinguish them from Monarchs, which have a bad taste.

little one …

swallowtail* …

*at least I think so …

proboscis …

good to the last drop …