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galvanized …


… steel on a bridge near my house.

keep it together …


… a bolt on a bridge.

Festival of the Dead: Samhain 2015

Hat full of words,
words like the ember-lit
belly of a Samhain sky
whistling with owl feathers.
A voice, dry as skeletons,
scrapes between worlds.

High road or low road: choose.
So I do,
each word a trillion trillion first steps.


Blue Ridge Parkway, near Blowing Rock, NC

Blue Ridge Parkway, near Blowing Rock, NC



muddy waters …

Each time heavy rains fall, my favorite little stream runs brown. I stop at this rambling creek on my way home from university almost every day. There’s a small, bluish rope swing in the center of the image, a swing I’ve posted a few times before. This is an extraordinarily peaceful spot. I will often just park and amble back and forth along the road, even in winter.

We all, I think, have such small, seemingly innocuous places in which we find magic. This is one of mine.