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timber topography …


… in the forest at my university.

shadow …


detritus …


… along a small stream at my university.

hay bales …


… off Eden Trail Branch Road in Bernardston, Mass., a few miles from home.

remnants …


… in a field at my university.

frozen jackknife …


… in ice after a creek flooded at my university.

the Badlands …


It’s 4 degrees and snowing where I am. Hence a needed break … my favorite image of Badlands National Park.


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Seattle Sky

Seattle from Kerry Park

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Beeline: Classical Gas Museum, Embudo, NM



Since 1940


Truck as Planter

old truck

Doggie Door

doggie door on abandoned house

I am fascinated by old abandoned houses. This was taken somewhere near Cary, North Carolina.





Road to Perdition: Ground Level

I went on a photographic walk-about this afternoon in a place that might best be described as Nowhere, CO. Except that once I opened my eyes I saw that this place, like all places, really, was definitely somehwere. I just had to get past the superficial optics of a new suburban subdivision many miles from anywhere with a large section that was abandoned before any little boxes made of ticky tacky could actually get constructed. This is the Land of Foreclosure, the United States of Bust, the locus of the American Nightmare. Superficially, it was a scene so cliché that there was even a bobbing petroleum pump jack, with fully and partially finished ticky tacky behind it tempting me to pretend that I could do better than Robert Adams. Instead, I dropped to my knees. This was the result.


Ohio Creek – color vs. black and white

I’ve been looking hard at the shots I got from my Gunnison outing last month. In doing so I find I’m learning a lot about not only the technical differences in black and white vs. color, but also the differences in the stories the two approaches tell. All part of trying to learn not only about photography, but who I am as a novice shooter, as well. So, that said, here are two takes on a landscape I shot. They’re very different pictures to be the same picture, aren’t they?

Color first:

Ohio Creek, Gunnison, Colorado - color (more…)

283 cubic inches

300hp b/w

More Color vs. B/W: Up in Your Grille

The other day I posted Grille, a close-up on the front end of a 1934 (I think) Ford. I’ve output that shot in a few different ways, looking for the best version. The original was a low-saturation take with the sign in the background taken way down in the processing phase. Here are two other iterations. First, the B/W that I think most people are going to prefer:

Grille b/w (more…)

Portrait of the Artist as a 1934 Ford

I’ve been playing with color vs b/w iterations of shots lately. Here’s another one. First, the color:

Self-Portrait (more…)