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This Dunkel from Halfpenny Brewing down the road was as tasty as it is photogenic.



Epic Brewing, Denver CO

Epic Brewing, Denver CO

Craft Brew: Pick 5

Mmmmm. Beeer. Courtesy of Colorado Plus, Crooked Stave, Odyssey Beerworks. and a couple others I can’t make out.



Zephyr Quartet

Zephyr Brewing, RiNo District, Denver

Zephyr Brewing, RiNo District, Denver

Garage Band: Beryl’s Beer Company

I just love the reflection in this one.

Beryl's Beer Company, Denver

Beryl’s Beer Company, Denver

Three Little Queens: Beryl’s Beer Co.

Three Little Queens: Beryl's Beer Co.

Left to right: the barrel-aged Gose, the barrel-aged Saison and the barrel-aged Porter. (more…)

Flight: Beryl’s Beer Company

Beryl's Beer Company, Denver

Let’s start with the barrel-aged stout…


Firecatcher Stout - Beryl's Brewing, Denver

Firecatcher Stout – Beryl’s Brewing, Denver

Epic Brewing: Smoked and Oaked, Fire and Ice

Epic Brewing, Denver CO

Epic Brewing: Lace

Epic Brewing, Denver CO

Epic Brewing, Denver CO

Epic Brewing: Flight #1

Epic Brewing, Denver

Oaked & Stoked, Brainless and Utah Sage


I got a new toy over the holidays. See if you can guess what it was.

BTW, I have a well-earned rep for fuckerizing things pretty shamelessly in the processing phase. But the color in this shot is probably 98% straight out of the camera.




Since I can’t be in Denver for GABF this weekend, I guess I’ll have to settle for sitting here in Bend sipping what may be the best beer I’ve ever had.

100 Barrels of Beer on the Wall: Boneyard Beer

Again, thanks to the folks at Boneyard Beer.

The lady could drink

Hard-drinking woman in Tokyo. There’s a little more to the story here.

Urban reflection – part 2

Yesterday I shared my gaze out the window – today I share the interior reflections.

Recognize the fellow in the poster? Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.

A very pleasant afternoon

Spent the afternoon at Airways Brewing Company’s bistro and tap room. I can report jovial company and fantastic local beer. The sun even came out at about 5 pm… a pleasant Saturday afternoon indeed.

Equinox Challenge: Rocky Mountain Blues, 8:49am MDT

Some of us decided on a little challenge for today: Autumnal Equinox was set to strike at 10:49am EDT, so everyone should take a picture at that moment. I’m not sure how many of my colleagues are playing, but here’s my contribution.

A proper English breakfast.