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in repose …


This remains one of my favorite images, shot in a nature conservancy near where I live. I know more about image processing now (I hope), so I went back and had another go at it.


an old trunk …


chipmunk’s lunch …


… in the forest at my university.

impaled …


… in the forest at my university.

one’s a star …


… in the woods at my university.

autumn on Altair IV …


… and a fine movie it was … Forbidden Planet.

underfoot …


… on a path in the forest at my university.

green in autumn?


… when everything degrades to dirty brown or yellow or tan … there are ferns.

forest fiery …


… in the forest at my university.

‘why, you little beech’ …


… in the forest moments from my office at my university.

life’s a beech …


… in the woods at my university.

Our Lady of Wisdom …


… a revered statue in the woods at my Franciscan university. #HopeTuesday

A dreary walk in the woods … then magic

Saturday dawned gray, cold, and wet. A light mist eased through the forest at my university. But a day walking in the woods with a camera is a good day, no matter the weather, right?

The university was on holiday break. Students had fled home to give thanks with family and friends. I did, too, but returned early.

The deeply overcast sky dictated a flat, low-contrast aspect to the trees and trails in the forest. I looked down. At least I can shoot leaves, now wet and trodden. I like to shoot leaves. A little Photoshop would add hue and color contrast to them, I thought.

But the gray and the cold and the mist cut into my coat and mind. I shivered. Bummer. A dark day growing darker. Melancholy arrived and tapped on my shoulder. I turned and shuffled back onto the main trail, intent on returning to my truck. My Canon hung unused from its strap around my neck. I hate the interregnum between seasons: no leaves on the trees, no snow on the ground.

Franciscans have walked through these woods for more than a century and a half. Franciscans like nature and apparently thrive in it. They have, over the life of the university, constructed stations of the cross on a circular trail in this forest — Bob’s Woods, named after Fr. Bob Stewart, who died of cancer shortly after my arrival at the university.

I am not a Franciscan. I am not as hopeful as they appear to be. Dank, dark weather like this day’s further eroded my ability to detect hope.

Then I saw …

stumped …

… in the forest at my university.

late in the day …


… on a path through the forest at my university.

late in the day …


… in the woods at my university.

riverside red …


… along a trail bordering the woods at my university.

the wet one …


… on the forest floor in the woods at my university.

aflame on the forest floor …


… in the woods at my university.

after the rain …


… on the lawn near a dorm at my university.

shadow puppet …


… and don’t ask how I got up after shooting this image.