High on Photography…

Frank Dilatush

I’ve been a shutterbug since 1963 when my dear mother gave me an old Zeiss Iconta to play with at 8 years old. With the price of film and developing I never went very far until the ’90s rolled around and  the first digital cameras became available. Now I’m hooked.

If I have a style it might be called guerilla primitive…always have a camera and be ready to pop off a few shots at a moment’s notice. I am trying to do better with choosing light and framing. Early morning sun is my favorite but as long as the subject is colorful I don’t really care whether it’s animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Amateur astronomy is a secondary hobby and occasionally I hang a camera off of scope and shoot local system objects and dim fuzzies. However that avocation has a steep equipment and learning curve so mostly I just annoy terrestrial objects with my imaging attention.

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