autumn …

ip fall.jpg

… in the forest at my university. Shot with an iPhone because I was too damn lazy to lug my Canon around that day.

Nina in France, part 2

Here are some more attempts at portraits of Nina from our trip to France.  This time, just for fun, I tossed in some pictures I took with my iPhone. In fact, the first three are iPhone pictures. The first one is from our banquet in Toulouse.  She looked gorgeous in her purple dress, but something about this shot screamed silhouette.

Silhouette in a window.jpg

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Wing Luke Museum
I find curated spaces to be fascinating. This small passage way was as interesting as the larger rooms it connected. The lines, paint color, lighting, and balance of objects made for a pleasant journey as the waves washed you into the next room.

Mirror, mirror…

Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Admittedly an unusual shot. We had been playing at the Navy Pier in Chicago when a whooper of an afternoon storm unleashed rain and hail. We ran under this shelter. It was a bonus fun-house find of a shot with the iPhone.

Folded over

2014-10-25 06.43.14

Recently I was left spending many hours waiting for a flight… the result was time to play with my camera phone. This image resulted from an attempt to bend a pano shot. It didn’t really bend so much as folded over itself. It was a complete accident, couldn’t do it again if I tried. It’s unusual – hope you like it too.