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China: Opera

Chinese Opera performer.


China: Sampan

Sampan in watertown near Shanghai


China: Bonsai

Decorative tree in Yu Garden, Shanghai


China: Panda

Panda, eating bamboo (but I repeat myself)


China: Red Panda

Red Panda at Chongqing Zoo


China: Breathe that?

First view outside of Beijing Airport.

This image requires some explanation. The grid at the base is the top of a building outside the Arrivals zone at Beijing Airport. The grey above it is the air outside. Image taken on 26 April 2014.

Still think we don’t need an EPA?



Yellow Hibiscus against black


Jungle Stream

Jungle Stream near Akaka Falls, North of Hilo, HI


Harris Hawk in Flight

Harris Hawk in Flight with cocked head

I love the little cock of his head, as though he’s checking out what I’m doing down here.


Sunset, Deception Pass

Sunset, Deception Pass, Washington


Barn Owl

Barn Owl coming to trainer, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum


Winter Slopes

Winter Slopes off US95


Ocotillo, Saguaro National Park

Ocotillo, Prickly Pear at Javalina Rocks, Saguaro National Park

Harris Hawk Dominance

Harris Hawks competing for a perch as dominance contest

Harris Hawks hunt in family groups. Generally the lead female is the alpha, but the new lead male is trying to establish his place, and is pushing her off the top perch on a Saguaro cactus. Shot at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum’s twice-daily Raptor Free Flight.


Butterfly Garden, National Museum of Natural History

Butterfly Garden, National Museum of Natural History

Family Picnic, Holy City, near Lawton, OK

Family Picnic

Looks like someone dropped a sliced baguette near town, and it’s time for a party!


Snake River Tracks

Three Little Not-Piggies

Three Little Not-Piggies

At the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

My Little Dragon


I took my nice new Nikon 200-500 lens out and practiced trespassing near WA-520 to see if I could get a cormorant pretending to be a fire lizard.  I need a little more range, but the model was cooperative 🙂

Come into my Iris…: Nature Challenge 7 of 7

Small green spider on Iris blossom
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Flutterbys: Nature Challenge 6 of 7

Butterflies at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum's Butterfly Garden
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Shot these in the Butterfly Garden, which is unconfined space, at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. These are Queen Butterflys, which land and sit because (according to the docent) most birds cannot distinguish them from Monarchs, which have a bad taste.