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Along the road

From rock…

The Burren landscape is miles and miles of limestone rock. But from that rock, patches of flora find a way to the surface.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin

I don’t tend to take photos in churches much. But the light here was truly divine.

An Irish night

I’ve never done light painting before this night and because of when the sun sets here, we had to wait until almost 12:30 AM before it was dark enough to do this. Battled a bit of wind (hence the blurring), but I had fun with the process anyway.

The long way home

Playing with saturation here.


Walking the creek

I walked Powell Creek Friday night and these are a few of the sightings


Red Winged master of the field

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get out with the camera. The first of a few shots at the Little Storm Lake.

Light and Shadow



Staircase at the Iowa state Capitol.

A little bit of Des Moines, Iowa

Playing in the shadows…


Winter’s icy reach

Storm Lake midwinter

Birthday Still Life for Sam

Happy birthday, my friend.

American Song

American song


Friday afternoon dreaming




Iowa winter scene

Iowa winter scenes


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

https://i0.wp.com/farm8.staticflickr.com/7116/8156348992_a96c61ab85_b.jpgRising to Sam’s challenge on reflection


Life in a bubble

Grinnell College campus on an October evening