5 thoughts on “inside …

  1. Truly an enjoyable and really never-seen perspective. Do you recall why she has set these up? They definitely give us a place from which to consider ourselves, but is there another reason?

    BTW … can you let us know what you were exposing for? The light at the end of the tunnel (sorry, I really did say that), the interior of the pipe, or both?

  2. Holt and her husband were founders of the “land art” movement in the late ’60s and ’70s. Her husband created the Spiral Jetty on the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. I exposed the landscape outside the tunnel, as I wanted the tunnel itself to be darkly shadowed.

  3. Nice to have such a cooperative sky, huh? As I recall, the sky was really flat on the original visit.

    Is this an f22 or did you focus stack?

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