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  1. This is very interesting, Denny. Your shot sent me to my files of Wupatki Indian ruins in northern Arizona. I converted a color shot to B&W and found some outstanding differences and general info.
    First, your location and mine were about 90 degrees different. We both shot the light hitting the stone, but it seems you were shooting from the southwest? I was shooting near-straight-on from the south. Needless to say, this dramatically flattened my image and smoothed it out, while yours grabbed the shadows and showed the intricate craggyness of the rock.

    Mine, however, shot very late in the afternoon, still kept the rock very rocky but smooth … the lateness of the day had full shadows, but the rock face did not appear extremely rough. Yours, apparently shot around a lazy noon?, loved the contrast, the rock roughness, and shows it.
    I might be wrong on a few points, but overall, this really showed me that time of day is probably the singlemost important element to demonstrate the condition of the rock. We can almost always find the best position for ourselves, but that damned sun can be kind of harsh on insisting where it wants to be.

    • This was late morning, and you’re precisely right: I shot this from the southwest. I have a variety of other images of this cabin, all shot from different compass directions. This offered the most detail, the most dramatic setting, the nearest mountain horizon, and the most-easily darkened sky.

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