3 thoughts on “still waiting …

  1. This is nice, Denny. I can almost feel the grit of the decaying bark in the way I could feel sand up close on a beach in a photo. I can smell the decay here.
    Great balance, great solution to the problem with “how do I make it end” with your open space at right and toward bottom there.
    The only thing I might suggest (you may have already done this), I think I see some chromatic aberration (blue running your trees’s and limb’s edges in the b.g.) on the right, which would suggest it’s all over the entire image, which suggests the entire image may be sharper if you took care of the CA problem.
    But there may be not problem. Maybe you already took care of it.

    • That’s something I rarely remember to look for. Thanks. Now that you’ve pointed it out, it’s glaringly evident.

  2. I like the open-endedness of it, too. Hadn’t thought in those terms before Greg said it.

    And I basically click that chromatic aberration box in Lightroom on every picture automatically….

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