3 thoughts on “the story remains untold.

  1. Thanks, Denny. I was hoping it might provide the stuff for people’s imaginations to wander. I’m sure you’ve noticed these are a broken set of roses, the band holding them together has been removed. They’re not connected to the ground in any way, the wind (which probably did not work out all that well) telling a story of turbulence, not the soft one of love or caring.

    Photographically, I didn’t expect the sharpness of the tree trunks and the roses to stand out so much against the moving leaves and softer DOF of the background. Very pleasant surprise for me.

    Anyway, maybe I hit it on your “evocative” evaluation. Thanks again.

  2. The leaves actually introduce an intimation of supernatural here. They’re blurred enough that they don’t automatically look like leaves. To me they seem a little ghostish. Nice effect.

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