3 thoughts on “Carousel

  1. These are the most horrific of things. I took a shot of one years ago in my B&W stage of shooting. The black-and-white really intensified the sense of sheer panic and horror. I’m sure you’ve already run this image through that treatment, but if not, you might find it worth considering. The Doors tune, Horse Latitudes, has always conjured up this image in my head of horses being thrown overboard in the days of galleons and shipping some of the first horses to the New World. According to some, they were tossed over the rails to lighten the ship when it would become stilled in the ocean when there was no wind. The expressions of the horses on the older carousels in carnivals or playground environments have always expressed fear and horror to me, as if each horse knew it was to be the next one thrown overboard into that vast empty sea. The Doors piece is worth a listen for that sense fear and desperation alone.

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