8 thoughts on “Open Wide

  1. Samantha, I think I commented on another of your decaying places shots. This one is also exceptional. The down-low position, the framing, most excellent. And the emotional context … we are left helpless here, the chair and its history dominate our experience. Wonderful work overall.
    Just a couple things I’m curious about … how would it work as a B&W, do you think? Too expected? Also, would adding some contrast overall help create a greater dynamic, or would increasing the overall contrast take away from the visual “draw” of the chair? I’m not recommending anything … just wondering. Once again, very nice work.

    • Thank you so much, again, for your reply and compliments.

      I did try B&W, but I think that the red bricks on either side of the shot help frame the chair. When it is black and white the image is too flat. As for the contrast, I am no too sure, it was already quite difficult to really showcase the chair with the main light source coming in from behind it, but maybe I will try to add some contrast and see what happens.

      I enjoy your questions and curiosity. I always enjoy looking at my pictures from a different perspective.

  2. The more context you have the worse it gets, too. It’s stark and mortifying as is, but if you’re read about Eastern State Penitentiary… Layers and layers of complexity, I guess.

    • I can’t describe the feeling of walking through the halls, imagining what the people there went through, touching the same railings they touched every day – very complex.

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