The Sacred Rose & the Guns of Love

For Maud…

The Sacred Rose and the Guns of Love

The Sacred Rose and the Guns of Love

William and Maud

     I am haunted by numberless islands... – WB Yeats

Walking by the shore at dusk, 
air leaden with a faith in words.

William looks up, says
Maud, the sky is full of dragonflies.

She stares beyond the sea. 

     That’s nice, Bill. But I’ve an empire to burn.
     Your bugs will be dead by morning.

Words are a piper, he says. When we die,
our ghosts will haunt the waves and
young men will lift a pint to 
wandering beauty.

     We’re inside-out, says Maud.
     I want to drown Dublin in 
     English blood and you,
     like a woman with 
     your poetry and your mysteries.

I will summon ancient warriors to your heel.
Then you will love me.

Maud stares beyond the rim of the sea.

     Summon me powder and horses, Bill.

His study quiet as dust, 
William sits, 
overthrown by the 
sacred rose and the guns of love.

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