a change of sand.

I’m shifting now from the desert to a similar landscape … the ocean. Here, I’m discovering the huge horizontal spaces both ‘scapes offer. There is a magnificent ever-changing pattern of sky, wave, surf, sand. And light. The various shapes take on obvious to subtle messaging, each unique. So, I’m thinking I’ll concentrate on this for a while as I consider my work.

3 thoughts on “a change of sand.

  1. Thanks, Denny. While the upcoming wide horizontals may not all offer the textures I’m glad you appreciate, I’m hoping the whole of the pieces will offer something interesting. As time went on, without realizing it, I began shooting more along the lines of Rothko, the abstract expressionist painter. I’ll be interested in what you (and others) think after a few more postings. Please see, http://www.markrothko.org/ for examples of his work. I wasn’t trying to duplicate what he was doing. It just turned out that there appears to be a similarity.

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