A few more pictures from France.  These are from Gordes in Provence and over to Arles.  Most of them are from my Nikon D7200 but there are a couple with the iPhone.   This first one is of the Senanque Abbey.  All that vegetation in front of the abbey is lavender, but we were a bit too early and nothing was fully bloomed.  I couple of weeks later and you’d see the famous lavender flowers.

Senanque Abby.jpg

Another shot of the abbey.
Senanque Abbey.jpg

I’m not really sure where this is.  We actually drove right by it because we were running late to check into our B&B outside of Arles. Wish I could go back and explore, though. Also, it’s not really my picture.  I just edited it.  My travel companion, Nina Nishiyama, took it from our car window with her iPhone.
Small Town in Provence.jpg

And, finally, we get to Arles.  This is another iPhone shot.  Mine, this time.  It’s of an old roman colosseum in the center of town.

Arles Colosseum.jpg

I just thought all those antennas looked interesting next to all the old stone work. This was taken from the walls of the colosseum.

Thirteenth Century Anteanas.jpg

Same church tower as seen above. I believe this was take in the back of the Arles Roman amphitheater.  I took a few pictures of the amphitheater itself, but it was set up with modern rigs and lighting.  I guess they still do plays and stuff there.  But none of the pictures were all that interesting.


Arles Tower.jpg

Another tower.  This one was taken from the back wall of the amphitheater.

Arles Tower Distant.jpg

At the back of the amphitheater, there was a bunch of broken stonework like this.  I’m assuming it was once part of the amphitheater itself.  It must have been glorious when intact.

Old Arles Rocks.jpg

Just some random alleyway that I liked.

Purple Windows.jpg

This is from a fountain in a public square.  I just thought it was pretty cool.  There were lots of people around so it was hard to get any decent shots of this.  This was the best I could do.

Fountain Face.jpg

This was above the church in the same public square as above.  We couldn’t go in as it is still an active church and they were having mass.  But some of the stonework around the door was amazingly detailed.

Sculpture Mural.jpg

And some of it looked a bit worn.  Same church, just closer to the ground.

Lions in Church.jpg

Then, finally, after walking around all day, we went to this Balkan cafe for lunch.

Arles Cafe.jpg

Gordes & Arles

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