As promised, here are the pictures from my Nikon D7200.  Again, I played with all of them in photoshop a bit, just to sharpen things up or make colors pop.  Nothing major.  Some of these didn’t turn out half bad.  The first one is of Dame Carcas.  She greets you at the front gate.

Dame Carcas.jpg

Next, one of the towers near the front gate.  There were too many people there this day to get the whole tower, but I think I did OK anyway.

Carcassone Castle Tower.jpg

I just kinda felt sorry for these horses.  They looked bored out of their minds.  They were waiting to take tourists around a carriage or wagon or something.  I don’t remember what it looked like at all but I’m sure it was tacky and touristy.  I took three pictures of these horses and this is the best of them.  Even here, one of them is blinking.  Or, maybe, just sleeping.


Carcassone Castle Tour Horses.jpg

The is another angle of the back of the castle if you want to compare it with the iPhone picture from yesterday.

Carcassone Castle.jpg

And now, a closer view of the cathedral taken from the castle walls.  The sepia shot from yesterday is of the same cathedral.


View from Caracssone Castle Window.jpg

And, finally, even closer.  This is one of the gargoyles on the cathedral.  I’m pretty sure it’s not one of the originals, considering how old the castle is.  And I noticed that there were several gargoyles and faces on the cathedral that had a newer look about them.  Like newer plaster or stonework.  Probably part of many restoration over the centuries.

Carcassone Cathedral Gargoyle.jpg

Next stop, Arles.


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