Here are a few more pictures of Carcassone Castle.  First, I’ll do the iPhone shots.  Tomorrow, I’ll do the the Nikon shots.   I played with all of em in Photoshop.  Hope you like it. If you are in a rush, they are all in the Flickr page.  This first one is taken from the castle walls, pointing at the cathedral.

View from the Castle Wall.jpg

This next one is from one castle wall looking back at another.

Carcassone Castle Tower Wall.jpg

This is from a mural they found behind some plaster within the castle walls.  It was faded, so I had to increase the contrast quite a bit to get the colors to pop.

Carcassone Castle Horse Mural.jpg

This is from a restaurant within the castle walls where we had lunch.  I’m not really sure what it was originally.  A tavern, I’m guessing.  I just liked the ivy.

Ivy Wall and Window.jpg

This is from the other side of the restaurant.  We had drinks out here while they prepared our lunch.  The view was nice, so I took quite a few pictures of it.  This is one.

Carcassone Castle Banquet View 2.jpg

And this is a close up.

Carcassone Castle Banquet View.jpg

Finally, another shot of the castle walls.  I think this was from the back of the castle.

Carcassone Castle Street.jpg

That’s it.  Tomorrow, I’ll do the shots taken with the Nikon D7200.

Carcassone Castle

4 thoughts on “Carcassone Castle

    • Nah. It was about 2 hours from where the conference was. But it was organized by the conference people for the last day. We were only at this castle for a few hours. After this, I left the conference/tour and headed off on my vacation.

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