Nina in France, part 2

Here are some more attempts at portraits of Nina from our trip to France.  This time, just for fun, I tossed in some pictures I took with my iPhone. In fact, the first three are iPhone pictures. The first one is from our banquet in Toulouse.  She looked gorgeous in her purple dress, but something about this shot screamed silhouette.

Silhouette in a window.jpg


Japanese Garden in Toulouse.  More of your basic tourist shot, I guess, but I still like it.

Japanese Gardens Smile.jpg

Colosseum in Arles. I had to be careful with this one.  It was a real Marilyn moment with the wind.  But Nina was a trooper and I got this shot.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of tourists walking through so I couldn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked.  I wish I had one of her centered on the window.  Oh, well.  Next time.

Black Skirt Blowing.jpg

These next four are with my Nikon D7200. First, back to the banquet in Toulouse. This was all Nina’s idea.  She told me what to do.  Unfortunately, most of the shots of her smiling turned out to be far less sharp.  I really need to learn to turn up the ISO setting a little when it’s cloudy out.  Still, I like this shot.  Captures her mischievous nature.

Window Smiles and Sparkling Wine.jpg

Another shot from walking around Toulouse. The bridge behind Nina is actually supposed to be kinda famous and its in a LOT of pictures of the city…but, obviously, I was a bit distracted.

Bridge Smile Close Up 2.jpg

From a beach outside of Torreilles.  This shot was taken early to mid day so the lighting was terrible.  Wish I could do it all again at the golden hour, but we just didn’t have time this day.

Beach Smile in Black and White Summer Dress.jpg

And, finally, near a famous fountain in the city of Marseilles. Again, I wad distracted.  Fountain, schmountain.

Blue Shirt and White Shorts Sitting.jpg

Hope you like them. There are a couple more I didn’t post here that you can see on the flickr page if you click any one of the pictures above.

2 thoughts on “Nina in France, part 2

  1. Thanks. I wish I was that good, but I’m not. Not without a lot of practice. And since I’m socially retarded, it’ll never happen. This is pretty much it.

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