3 thoughts on “isolation …

  1. I find examining the two images really shows me how important it is to know what you’re saying with the image. Maybe. My personal read on these two is that the B&W is desolation, absolute and without hope. The color one shows me a glimpse of why people might want to stay, providing that hope-factor. There are pockets of deep green, the cows have food. etc. I think both images support the contrasting interpretations quite well. Good on you to see this as a proper subject for the camera, Denny. Well shot.

    • I spent so much time in the West when I was younger taking postcard vistas. I don’t look for them anymore. I look for images that tell stories. And, as you correctly point out, the presence or absence of color have a great deal to do with determination of meaning — for photographer and viewer alike.

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